How to Get Rid of Termites

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 How to Get Rid of Termites

Hello, I’m Lee. A few months ago, we noticed signs that we might have termites in our home. As you can imagine, I was really worried; however, after getting some advice from pest control companies, we were able to start tackling the problem. I was surprised at how many options we had to get rid of our existing termites and the decisions we had to make to prevent the problem from happening again. I learned more than I thought I’d ever need to know about termites and how to deal with them and I thought this knowledge might be useful for other homeowners who have similar problems. Hope it helps you get rid of your termites!


Three Animals You May Need Pest Control Services To Remove

When you think about pest control services, you likely think of bug and insect removal. There are other animals that can become pests, especially if you have a garden or a large amount of property. These animals can be removed by a pest control professional; although, you may not think to call them at first. If you aren't sure what kinds of animals a pest control specialist can handle, here are a few to consider.


Moles can be a terrible nuisance if you have a garden with carrots and other root growing vegetables. They can also cause havoc for your fence line and your home foundation. Pest control services will use a small bait that can be placed in the areas that moles most commonly frequent. This is safe for you and your pets and only attracts moles. Moles that have begun to breed and cause infestations will be handled with larger traps or bait depending on the severity of the issues.


Squirrels can be a pest by burrowing into your home, making holes in the foundation, getting into crawl spaces, or even entering your roofing and walls. They can seem next to impossible to remove by traditional methods. A pest control specialist will remove the pests from your home in a humane way. They will also  perform a home decontamination that will remove any pest droppings or debris that is left behind. The process of removal is usually done with humane traps that keep the squirrel alive so it can be released back into the wild.


Some birds you may find to be pests because of their nesting habits, droppings and the debris they can bring to the home. This debris can often cause fire hazards that you would rather avoid if at all possible. If you find that you are having an issue with birds, the pest control specialist can send in a crew to capture the birds and remove them from the property. This is usually done with a simple net capture system. They can also provide a bird barrier that can range from simple fencing options to full netting options if your problem is bad.

If you are having issues with pests in your garden or yard but you aren't sure if your local pest control handles them, contact a specialist. They can give you a list of their services and provide a consultation if you are having issues that need immediate assistance. For more information, contact a company such as MG Pest Control.