How to Get Rid of Termites

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 How to Get Rid of Termites

Hello, I’m Lee. A few months ago, we noticed signs that we might have termites in our home. As you can imagine, I was really worried; however, after getting some advice from pest control companies, we were able to start tackling the problem. I was surprised at how many options we had to get rid of our existing termites and the decisions we had to make to prevent the problem from happening again. I learned more than I thought I’d ever need to know about termites and how to deal with them and I thought this knowledge might be useful for other homeowners who have similar problems. Hope it helps you get rid of your termites!


Pest Control: Tips to Keeping Pigeons off Your Property

If your property has rooftop access, you will find that pigeons will begin to favour spending time on your property. Some people may consider this to be a good thing, but the reality of the matter is the bids will be more troublesome than beneficial. Firstly, having numerous pigeons on your property at any given time will translate into a deafening cacophony of bird sounds. Secondly, the bird droppings that will accumulate on your property will not only be a health hazard but could also cause the premature deterioration of your building materials. Below are some of the tips that you could employ to ensure that pigeons stay off your property.

Tip 1: Use bird spikes

A simple way of preventing birds from nesting on your property would be installing spikes on your property. One of the pastimes that birds enjoy is loafing. This behaviour comprises resting on ledges or other areas, as they look around, searching for food. By putting spikes on the areas that they favour for loafing, you effectively ensure that they will not have somewhere to rest as they are foraging. The spikes function to prevent the pigeons from landing on these areas altogether. When installing bird spikes, ensure that they are not erected in areas where pets or children could come into contact with them so as to prevent the risk of unnecessary injury.

Tip 2: Use wire mesh

Other than loafing, pigeons will also scout your property for areas where they can get shelter from the elements. These spots tend to be cosy and range from vents, openings in the wall and more. It would be prudent to carry out a thorough inspection of your property so that you can identify these spots that the birds would favour. Once you have made a note of them, you should seal them up using wire mesh. Keeping these areas shut off will prevent the chances of the pigeons nesting in your home. You should also look for signs of grass and twigs in unusual areas, as these would indicate potential nesting grounds for the pigeons.

Tip 3: Use professional services

A misconception some people have is that bird control can be done quick and effectively in a few steps. The reality of the matter is that some bird infestations can become quite severe in a short span of time. If you feel that the number of pigeons is not decreasing despite your best bird control efforts, it would be prudent to hire the services of professional pest controllers and bird control services.